The Styling Trick: Tonal Dressing

The Styling Trick: Tonal Dressing
If mismatching color/contrast coloring is a style that steps too far for you, why not try your hand at a single shade instead. Pick a color of the day (the bolder the better) and mix in as many tones across its spectrum as you can master. Not a big surprise, the head-to-toe approach will work, each piece will beautifully matched. Last but not least, try throwing in one carefully deployed piece in a complementing or contrasting hue for even more style points :D

Pic Credit: @Katarzyna Konderak

Nicely mastering different materials of same camel color.

Suede Bodycon Dress
Zaful Jewelry

Pic Credit: @Vlada Cotorobai

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Pic Credit: @Daria Plyonkina

Tassels Dress

Pic Credit: @Tamara Bellis

The whole look featured all chic gray tone and with a little checked inner top to light up the outfit.
Checked Blouse

Pic Credit: @Milady Sandy

A long Peach dress matches peach purse with the strong contrast of little bit of black. Just on point o…

ALL About Makeup Brushes!

Editor: Rosy Wong

Any beauty lover will tell you, if there’s one thing you cannot have too much of, it’s makeup brushes! I love to find brushes that can make our life easier! The right makeup brush can make all the difference when it comes to perfecting your technique. Whether you're banking on becoming a contour pro, or really just want to get that highlight on fleek, it's all about getting your hands on beauty's best tools and utilizing them correctly. Here are some of the best sets to jump-start a well-rounded collection (Because surprise! We didn't wake up like this).

Let's talk about these incredibly chic designer case from ZAFUL. ZAFUL makeup brush set is cheap in price but made with an expensive quality. Made from synthetic fibers that won't shed on your desk (or face) mid-application — because that happens and, yes, it is awkward — treat yourself to this sample set that gives you a little bit of everything from an angled blush and bronzer brush to a fla…


Author/Photo: Rita Maslova

"To walk on the Rethymnon I chose a light dress, undershirts with open shoulders from Zaful  - it perfectly fit into the streets of charm, an abundance of flowers, fruit markets and affectionate September sun!"

I continue the story of our Greek tripping (Santorini) and today I will share impressions about the charming town of Rethymnon (Rethymno, Rethymno, Rethymno) on the island of Crete.

The coastal town of Rethymno is 70 km Heraklion - the capital of Crete. In Rethymnon surprisingly it combines ancient Venetian buildings with a modern rhythm of the city: in the port, on the first floor of the houses is located cozy bars and restaurants, from which you can observe the normal life of fishermen and residents. This place is popular with tourists and the indigenous inhabitants of this picturesque Cretan sporodochia.

The main attraction is considered to Rethymnon Venetian fortress Fortezza (Fortezza), built in  1573-1590 years to combat the pirates. In 16…


Author/Photo: Sonja Kovac

Magical city –Venezia. One of the most beautiful places in the world. There is some special bond between this city and me. I feel like I’m on the move set, I feel the energy.

This was my second stop on my Italy trip. It’s a third time in Venezia but every time is special for me. The architecture, the canals, the bridges, narrow streets. I just love it, love it!

The magical city deserved romantic white lace and pleated dress like this from Zaful. I ordered it online before my Italy trip, and back then I knew it's perfect for this magical place.Also, my current favorite suede lace up shoes and all time favorite bag in pale pink color to match with the shoes.

Click here to find the dress.
Dreamy moments, dreamy dress. I hope you can feel a little bit magic from his photos :)

Spring/Summer 2017 - Color trends from New York Fashion Week

Editor: Rosy Wong

Seen the NYFW shows, we've got a great idea of what color we'll be wearing in the coming spring/summer—once we finally come out the other side of the cold weather, that is: Below, see the top three color that emerged at NYFW. We know which we're excited to wear—how about you?

1. Is Green the New Pink? Last December, Pantone had chosen rose quartz as its nuance of the year in 2016 – announced a definite change of direction, choosing greenery, a shade of green with a yellow hue, as its color for 2017.
So, will green be the new pink?
According to the American company that selects a trending color every year, taking into consideration not only trends in fashion and beauty but also those in lifestyle, it seems to be that way.
The reason is that greenery allegedly seems to express the human need to reconcile with nature, finding refuge in it, getting away from the growing stress of modern lifestyle.
And that make us want to give a chance to this beautiful color,…

Party Preparations - Wonderful spice cake with ZAFUL red dress!

Author/Model: @Marta S.
Editor: Rosy Wong

What you most associate with a party? What tastes, smells and colors?

I definitely smell and taste of the spice. Oranges.
Green Christmas tree and striking red everywhere. Eg. From sugar canes.
With Santa Claus hats. And even the cult of the truck Coca-Cola, whose see was one of the biggest dreams of my childhood.

Today I have for you up to party connection - wonderfully spicy Spread the orange curd and red dress, which I fell in love without memory! Dress dress, because the dough wins it all. It turned out incredibly delicious and delicate!
With the perfect combination of spice and orange beats my other cake.
It is delicious, so I advise you to be tempted!
Let me tell you, however, that although the cake seems to be easy to prepare, it was a challenge for me. But it worked!

*Note - cream is very delicate and light, so it must be necessary to cool down before application.  Click here to find more similar red dress.
COMPONENTS Sponge spicy (small +…

ZAFUL Trends - Metal Gold chic

Editor: Luna BlanC & Rosy Wong
For the last past few months, we've seen so many bloggers wearing Metal Gold Items!

Metallic luster can always make the dull winter feels fresh and brand new. Without the darkness of black and the cold of white, classic gold and silver can almost suit anybody. 
No matter at any party, it can keep people's eyes on you.

 Photo via @beautyrewritten and @vaidadta
It seems like girls just love the shine and bling staff which will light up the entire daily look, and golden color just matched with all kinds of styles.
We've received lots of tags in our Instagram account (@zaful) and seen lots of beautiful reviews about this chic cami satin dress.

 Click the here to find the dress.
As we realized how much you girls love this chic cami satin dress, we made more colors for this item, now you can see mystery black color, cool silver color, and luxury red wine color options in the product page.

Click the here to find the dress.
For the new season of 2017, our …